Secu365 Authorized Partner (SAP)

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1. Definition

Secu365 Authorized Partner are certified corporate entities or individuals with distribution, installation, maintenance qualifications and capabilities

2. Application

Any professional and company with good reputation in the security industry can apply for an authorized partner through the official website of Secu365.

3. Authorization

Our system will evaluate the relevant information submitted by you within 48 hours after receiving your application, and decide whether to authorize you and issue an electronic version of the authorization certificate for authorized partners.

4. What partner can get

A. Get order from our direct customers within a certain geographic area (100 miles around your location) and enjoy the certain rebate.

B. 90 days free trial kit (try the market and kits owns by Anviz, and Anviz has the rights draw back the kit for none order performance authorized partner)

C. Extra Rebate for Quarterly sales revenue reaching certain amount (refer to formal dealer pricing policy)

D. Listed on “Where to buy” page of to get touched by direct customer. 

E. Chance to win the annual best partner awards.

5. What partner need to do

A. Provide Pre-sales , installations, after services for the assigned direct customers from the company.

B .Order at least one initial package within one week after authorization.

C. Attend the monthly courses and quarterly online test.

Do the weekly promotion on social media by the promotion materials provided by the company.

E. Provide case study for any installed project and case to company.

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