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Why service partners love Secu365

  • Recurring revenue

    Make monthly recurring revenue by sharing monthly access control fees. You’ll also be able to bundle adjacent products and services such as alarm, monitoring and/or management.

  • Exclusive product discounts

    You’ll get professional pricing and terms. Secu365 will also provide exclusive training, live VIP support and customer referrals to help your business grow.

  • Remote diagnostic tools

    Remote system management allows you to monitor all sites from a single pane of glass. Reduced service calls and wasted drive time means fewer truck rolls for you.

  • Easy to install solutions

    Secu365's access control system has been designed to make installations seamless. Secu365 works with existing wiring and locking hardware. We’ve included a power supply, removable connector blocks, and reverse polarity protection. The software and hardware come preconfigured to allow for turnkey installations.

  • Service and technical support

    Secu365 provides direct technical support to your customer which reduces your support burden for software related questions. Secu365 also provides install support for on-the-spot technical guidance.

  • Stand out from the competition

    Provide your customers with the first solution to crack the mobile experience. We are the only access control system with hands-free entry .

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