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Secu365 system can help residential owner, especially multiple houses owner to easily arrange and manage his sites, no matter it is rented or self living, you can use one app to easily know what happen at anytime from every where.

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Small Office

Secu365 provides full scene security application of a single office or a shared office, to protect the key entrance, each priviate and public rooms, and core assets areas like warehouses, IT rooms and financial Rooms.

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Retail Store

Secu365 provides full range of security services to the retail shops, especially for the layout goods safe, and also can realize visitor counting, VIP customer recognition services which will help you improve the management efficiency.

Case Study

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Company team

Tony Fred, Office Owner

Thanks for Secu365, help me to manage all staff  on/off work access permit, and no matter I am in business trip or at home, open the app and I can know what happen.

Company team

Mich Stark, Air BNB renter

I am an multiple house owner, and 3 of my hourses have been rented. and thanks Secu365, I can help my clients and protect my sites, especially I only click on the app to remote open the door for the Amazon deliver. 

Company team

Aline Turner, Retail Fashion shop owner

I owns 10 retail faship shops, thanks Secu365 to help me easily manage them, every morning I can see all layout when I having the coffee, and I can also get visitor numbers for each of my shop and now I can do the decision easily.

Company team

Iris Joe, a jewelry shop owner

I really care about the security of my shop, especially at the night time, cause it values millions of dollars, thanks for Secu365, I can get every motion detection alert only for people who threaten to my shop, and I can just press one key to share to my security guy.