Cloud Based
Smart Security Platform

One solution for CCTV, access control, intercom and alarm.


Software as a Service

Secu 365 adopts SaaS cloud based apps over internet, you don’t need to, install, update, or maintain any IT hardware, middleware, or software.


With distributed cloud deployment, the number of Edge Servers can be arbitrarily matched with the number of sites. Each Edge Server can act independently and when it runs into an offline emergency, the server can record event and event log.

Secu Spot

The Secu 365 changes the definition of Security. Via the access control, Video and Sensors, and brings a full range of experience to your regional security.

Mobile Application

Secu 365 APP is tool for management your security spots, keep the Video Monitoring security events, , access status always on your hand.

One App Total Security Solutions

Secu365 APP is tool for managing your security spots, keep the Video Monitoring,security events, access status always in hand.

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Remote Access Control

You can realize remote access authorization, and remote door opening.

Video Management

You can get all key spots under monitoring and get all visible events.

Remote Intercom

You can realize one click remote call function for any visitors and delivery service people.

Event Alert and Push

Any Event and alerts will be pushed to your mobile phone and you will not miss any threatening issue.

Centralized Management

You can realize the centrailzed control for all security issues from multiple sites.

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